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The Surf Soul package

October 2019 to April 2020

Price: $283/ person based on double-room occupancy

Minimum 3-nights

Hotel 1-bedroom suite, airport transfer, 6 x daily surf sessions, 3 yoga sessions of 90 min , 2 1-hour massage sessions
Flight (not included) New York – Puerto Plata is about 3.5 hours. (We can assist you with booking the flights.)

Available dates in 2020 from check-in date to check-out date:

January 2020 to April 2020


Dates Available

October 2019 to April 2020

Price based on double room occupancy per night per person.

Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful beaches and sea we have ever seen. It has high quality hotels and villas. It is extremely close to the US. Tourism is very developped in the region with a lot of options for activities and dinning. Surfing in Dominican Republic offers variety and quality. The water is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. It is cost effective and close. What else would you want?

The hotel

Name: Ultraviolet Cabarete

Ultraviolet is a high-end micro hotel and residence on the beach in Cabarete. It offers 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms.  It has a small beach club. A pool. A restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch. A beach bar. It has on premissed 24-h door man and an enclosed parking lot.

Uultraviot redefines the “Boutique Residence” experience; combining luxury, intimacy, comfort and exclusivity with the personalized service and attention to details that are the hallmarks of all acclaimed top international brands.
Location: The hotel is walking distance to the center of cabarete (10 to 15  minute walk) or 2-3 minute car or taxi ride. IT is located between Kite Beach and Cabarete Beach.

1-bedroom from 90 m2/969 sq ft with ocean view, king size bed, living room, full size kitchen, rain shower, spacious private terrace, A/C with multi-zone thermostat,wifi

2-bedroom 2-bath from 162 m2/1744 sq ft to 219 m2/2357 sq ft witht he same facilities

2-bedroom ultra with 285 m2/3068 sq ft 2 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms, family room, ultra ocean view, 3 private terraces

2-bedroom penthouse with 283 m2/3046 sq ft 2 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms ,2 levels, private terrace & rooftop with jacuzzi, ocean view, living room

3-bedroom with plunge pool from 316 m2/3401 sq ft, 3 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms , private plunge pool, ocean view

3-bedroom penthouse with  465 m2/5005 sq ft,  3 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms, 2 levels,  3 terraces & rooftop with jacuzzi , ocean view

Hotel reviews

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The surf

In DR the water is extremely clear and you can see the reef or bottom as deep at 10 or 20 meters. Together with a coconut white sandy shore and few sea-front constructions, it is paradise for surfers. I believe DR compares faborably to the most beautiful spots in Hawaii or other far and exotic destinations.

The surf season is typically from October to April of every year. It can however get windy so morning sessions are the more reliable usually.

The water in DR is always warm and no wet suit is ever needed. Water tends to be 79-81F all year around. The air vary between 69F at its coldest in January to about 87F at its hottest in October.

Most people only heard of the surf break at Encuentro. While it is the most reliable surf break in northern DR, it is far from being the only one.

Encuentro is a surf site, setup with a nice cafe, multiple surf schools, and live DJ and music on the weekends. Encuentro has 4 or 5 breaks, off a sandy beach with a reef bottom. It has channels in between each break. Some channels hold better to larger size than others.

Encuentro has an inside beginner area where people who have never been in the water consitantly learn how to surf.

La derecha is the next level up. It is an easy break right that ends into an easy channel.

Bobo’s point and La Izquierda continue the progression up , both right and lefts. They break consistanly. Bobo’s channels are probably the least good.

Coco Pipe is ideal if you want to challenge yourself a little. It is a faster hollower wave that holds well until about 1.5 times overhead. Easy to paddle into the wave. It is the 2nd heaviest and fastest wave in Encuentro. The reef is deep enough and I never touched the reef surfing there. It works best at high tide.

And last but not least Destroyer is a very fast heavy into a shallow reef portion left. As the name indicates, I personally wouldn’t surf it.

In the beginner section the water comes to roughly waste or chest high depending on the tide and beginner equipped with booties find it very safe, easy and friendly. For intermediate surfes I believe it is also very friendly as I have never touched the reef in Encuentro when the swell was 5fr or higher up to 12ft no matter how I wiped out.

In addition to Encuentro northern Dominican Republic has quite a few more waves where our guide can take you and which don’t appear on many maps or are in private properties:

La Puntilla is a very clean, extremely deep channelled break around Puerto Plata. Both Right and Left, it has beautifully shaped waves. Clean waves and sets with in-between plenty of time to paddle back out.

Next to La Puntilla is the local big wave spot, La Derecha. Holds up to 4-5times overhead and more.

Canal : as the name indicates a wave next to another deep channel. The water, setting and break is particularly beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than in Hawaii.

La Preciosa , a practically untouched site next to the Aman hotel, is a bay with multiple breaks. It only works at certain tides and it is a long paddle but it is probably one of the most beautiful surf spots we have ever surfed.

Complete beginners practicing on the beach at Encuentro.
Complete beginners practicing on the beach at Encuentro.

Our local surf guides

We only work with guides we have tested personally and created a deep relationship with. Wave Soul also pays all our guides living decent wages allowing them to not worry about making ends meet and allowing them to focus on providing the best guiding and teaching possible.

Myself on the left and Mieses, our local guide in Dominican Republic, on the right after a great surf session.
Myself on the left and Mieses, our local guide in Dominican Republic, on the right after a great surf session.

Jose Armando Mieses was born in Dominican Republic and starte by kite surfing. He moved about 12 years ago to surfing and since he prefers surfing, by far, in his own words. Aproved and certified by IKO, (International Kiteboarding Organization), first aid (CPR). Also a professional competer which has won several championship around the world. His entire family also surfs. He is local to Cabarete and has deep personal relationships with multiple surfers in every site in DR whom he contacts daily to find the best location given the swell , the wind and the crowds for the day. He also has deep local knowledge of everything, from where to have the best dinners, fish, ice cream, or just the best excusion or activity of your choice.

Daily Yoga or Massage

Dominican Republic offers excellent yoga and massages. Part of the Wave Soul package we include a daily yoga or massage session.

Yoga studio facing the ocean in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Yoga studio facing the ocean in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The transfer airport-hotel

Our local partner will pick you up and transfer you between the airport and the hotel, and back. Usually the transfer takes about 30 min.

What is included in the price

  • Transfer airport Puerto Plata (POP) – hotel.
  • 1 bedroom suite at hotel
  • A full day of surf with our local guide. Our guide will pick you up with his car from hotel. And you will surf, your fitness level permitting, one, two or three sessions every day. All equipment is included if you prefer not to bring your own.
  • One 90-min yoga lesson per day OR one 60 minutes massage per day.

What is not-included in the price

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner ( there are many options walking distance or a short drive away.  Also our guide can take you to a good place for lunch according to your desires).
  • Flight to and from Puerto Plata. ( However we are happy to assist you with booking convenient and cost effective flight. We have extensive experience with arranging flights).
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Any other activities besides the included activities.

Activities around

Dominican Republic offers a lot of various touristic activities from horse riding to tennis via fishing, spear fishing, zip line, kite surfing, etc. All these activities are available within a few minute drive from your hotel. Our local guide will be happy to recommend and setup for you some of these activities as you prefer.


1. How do you get to Cabarete?

Cabarete is about 30 minutes from the Puerto Plata airport by car. There are direct flights from New York JFK and Newark via Jet Blue and United to Puerto Plata. They cost about $450 in full season and they take about 3.5 hours. Alternatively you can fly with most major carriers to Puerto Plata from the rest of the US with 1 stop.

Santiago airport is about 1 hour away. It is a larger airport with more flight options and probably a little cheaper.

2. How long is the flight to Puerto Plata ?

Most flights from the East Coast of the United States take about 3.5 hours non-stop to Puerto Plata.

3. Can we stay for two or more weeks?

Yes of course! We offer a $100 discount for additional weeks per-week.

4. Can non-surfing people join?

Yes! Please reach out for a personalized trip.

Canal surf break in Northern Dominican Republic seen from far away.

La Preciosa gulf and surf break in Northern Dominican Republic.

Ultraviolet residences and hotel at sunrise.

Encuentro surf zone on an average day.

Sunrise on Cabarete Beach

After a surf session at La Puntilla

First time surfers at Encuentro

Just another beach in Northern Dominican Republic


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